Vehicle Integrated Child Seat

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Product Description

Our product is a vehicle seat designed to transport adults and children of all ages without the installation of an overlaying child seat. This product replaces traditional vehicle seats with a patented integrated vehicular child seating system.

General Info

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Technical Specs

Our product is designed to to meet all current regulatory requirements from CFR, FMVSS, SAE & CPSIA as well as the various state laws put into effect.


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Seating Configurations

The standalone vehicle seat can be configured to accomodate passengers of all ages. Child transport is accomplished using the following configurations.

Reverse Facing Seat

Reverse Facing

  • 0-3 year age range
  • Side Shielding with 5 Point harness
  • Replaceable cartridge design
  • Detachable Infant Carrier

    Detachable infant carrier

  • Collapsable
  • Easily removes in & out of vehicle
  • Connects to stroller adaptor
  • Forward Facing Seat

    Forward Facing

  • Typical 2-7 year age
  • Side Shielding with 5 pt harness
  • Replaceable cartridge design
  • Booster Seat

    Booster Seat

  • Typically 4-12 year age range
  • Uses existing three point harness
  • Able to carry weight of full adult
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